Bezzera at World of Coffee 05-04-2022

The 2022 WORLD OF COFFEE AND WORLD COFFEE CHAMPIONSHIPS, will be moved from Warsaw in Milan, in the Milano Convention Center.
The show will be from 23-25 of June, 2022.

Bezzera will attend the event with his machines.

100% of the revenue from world of coffee ticket sales will be donated to Ukrainian coffee businesses and professionals.
To keep updated or get more info please refer to the offical web site

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A perfect cappuccino with Aria 03-02-2022

你是卡布奇诺爱好者吗?查看如何使用我们的机器 Aria 在家里准备卡布奇诺咖啡

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Bezzera - Host 2021 24-10-2021

Host 2021 通过这个视频,我们要感谢前来拜访我们的朋友,并为那些因国家限制而不能来的人虚拟地拥抱一下……很快我们就会重聚!

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Host 2021 - Cocktail experience 22-02-2021

Host 2021 - 我们的咖啡师现场表演,用维多利亚制作的浓缩咖啡制作鸡尾酒。

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